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The Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors (CAGC) is the Trade Association that represents seismic in the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry. On behalf of the CAGC, I would like to acknowledge the recent Human Resources projects that you have completed for us. Firstly, our Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act (POARA) Submission to the Alberta Government was professionally managed and executed by yourself in a timely and cost effective manner. You worked closely with the CAGC in modifying the product and acted as a communication liaison to Government representatives in order to deliver a product that met both our needs and that of the Government's. Secondly Dial Solutions has recently completed a discussion paper for the creation of a Youth Strategy for the Oil and Gas Industry. This paper represents a very important first step for our industry on an extremely complex issue. Your input and grasp of the "big picture" was instrumental in delivering a clear discussion framework for our industry. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend your services in the HR field. Your professional work coupled with a high level of cooperation and commitment to the product makes Dial Solutions a leader in the HR Consultant field.
Date of Posting: 19 May 2005
Posted By: Mike Doyle
President, Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors
On behalf of the Calgary CEC Sales team, I would like to thank you for your assistance in bringing our team to the realization of a common goal. At the time of enlisting the services of the Dial Solutions Group, our team was segmented, having difficulties realizing the benefits of adopting best practices from each other and in general, communicating with each other in an effort to clearly understand and respect each others unique characteristics. Through the workshop sessions, the group has moved in a direction, which is essential to our fiscal and cultural development. The sessions opened the door to underlying issues that had been manifesting "below the line" behaviours. Uncovering these issues, discussing them in an open forum, having individuals take responsibility for their behaviours, as well as below the line behaviours of their team-mates while keeping a open communication policy active and setting standards, has brought consistency and energy to our offices environment. Should potential customers of the Dial Solutions Group wish to discuss my thoughts in further detail, I would be more then happy to share my perspective and highly recommend your service. Thank you David!
Date of Posting: 14 October 2004
Posted By: Corby Johnston
Corporate Express
The YWCA of Calgary has had the pleasure of working with Dial Solutions Group on a variety of assignments over the past year, all of which had the outcome of exceeding our contractual agreements and expectations. We retained Dial initially to assist with the planning the integration of 90 new staff members who became YWCA employees through the acquisition of a related not-for-profit agency. Dial provided the YWCA with the tools and strategies required to meld the two distinct organizational cultures, to build an effective new staffing model based on the strengths of new and existing staff, and to garner the buy in necessary to set a path toward the continued achievement of organizational goals. Dial also provided measurement tools that enabled progress to be monitored and adjustments made during this exciting but turbulent time. At the end of six months, the YWCA had retained all the acquired staff. We consider this a significant success and acknowledge Dial's expertise and guidance as a significant factor in this achievement. With growth often comes restructuring. We chose Dial Solutions as our recruiting company when faced with finding exceptional individuals to fill two important new roles. Dial provided the YWCA of Calgary with a number of highly qualified applicants and made the hiring process administratively easy. Their attention to the requirements of the positions, in terms of both soft and hard skills, was clearly evident in the calibre of clients they referred. We were able to fill the positions quickly and with confidence. I was so impressed by the wisdom, experience and professionalism of Dial Solutions Group that I retained David Dial as a Business Coach. His guidance was critical in helping me to manage conflicting priorities and to focus my time and expertise where it would have the greatest impact. Dial Solutions Group offers exceptional quality services - on time, on budget and on target.
Date of Posting: 25 September 2003
Posted By: Liz Viccars
YWCA of Calgary

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